"Gamification is the Next Big Marketing Trend"

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How Does Mikehit Work?

Take Control of Your Digital Marketing Strategies and Increase Conversions by 75%

Old Way

Traditional marketing

old marketing

Captivated Subscribers = 0

New Way

Gamified marketing

new marketing

Captivated Subscribers = 14

Trigger your a message exactly when they take a specific action.

OnClick Triggering

Trigger your offer when a visitor clicks on a
specific part of your page - a game button

Timed-Display Control

Time your message to display after X seconds of browsing your site or a specific page.

Scroll-Based Triggering

Display your message after a visitor has scrolled
down on your page at least X percent.

"Beautiful Popups & emails, made easy"

Build Popup & Emails without writing code. Just drag, drop, and design.

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Build Popups & email templates that will work anywhere.
No coding skills required!

Mikehit built Webflow specifically for responsive design, so it’s super-easy to ensure your website looks and performs beautifully on every device.
Create Popups & emails with great design flexibility and little effort. Just start your design, then switch to tablet and mobile views, where you’ll see we’ve already done some of the work for you.

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Promo Code - Opt-Ins


It’s getting harder and harder for online store owners to capture contact information. Lead generation only works when email addresses are asked politely in a non-boring way – without disturbing visitors. You need new, creative ways to grow your list because the classic techniques aren’t engaging enough for visitors.
MikeHit winner button replaces annoying popups with an exciting games.
Visitors play games and won prizes. Mikehit sends an email with a unique promo code when the game is finished.

Then use promo code it to buy products from e-shop.

MikeHit is a complex solution to cover all of the Lead Base funnels parts.
Are you looking to attract, engage or retain your employees or customers with a playful solution?
MikeHit Onsite Campaign solution helps you display targeted website messages to your existing newsletter subscribers, customers, and returning visitors.

Find out how to gamify your website to enhance your customer experience and entice them to keep coming back.

integrated with any other webpages

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Discover endless possibilities​
Make your standard subscription popups fun and irresistible for visitors.

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MikeHit Popup Lead Plugin
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Convert Visitors

Tools That Convert
Visitors To Leads

WORLD’S TOP 2 000 companies have already embraced gamification.

Gamification is an effective approach in marketing not only to capture user’s attention and increase their average session duration but also to improve the conversion rate.

The more people are interested, the higher the chances that they will buy your product or subscribe to your newsletter.

Gamified marketing can optimize the user experience and the conversion funnel at the same time on your website.

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    Offers a diverse range of services for your successful business. New games coming monthly;

    Click to game image to try it.

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Take Control of Your Digital Marketing Strategies and Increase Conversions by 75%

Take your lead generation and marketing tools to the next level with Mike Hit’s gamified experiences that create organic engagement and increase conversions with incentivized prizes.

Gamification has emerged as one of the hottest marketing trends and continues to attract new customers while giving you control of your pop-ups and email marketing campaigns.

Converting and retaining first-time visitors into customers is the most challenging element of every marketing campaign.

With MikeHit, you can create custom messaging for when a visitor makes a specific action so you can create evolving marketing campaigns based on proven results.

When a visitor clicks a button, a pop-up can offer them a discount after playing one of our 30 exclusive games tailored to your unique target demographic.

Suppose you know that a visitor is more likely to convert after 10, 20, or 30 seconds on your site. In that case, you can trigger a pop-up game to generate further interest and increase conversion through gamification and custom incentives or discounts.

Another effective solution is scroll-based triggering which produces a custom pop-up when a visitor reaches a specific portion of your site and Exit-Intent Popups working on too.

Our pop-up and email marketing campaigns don’t require any coding and feature an intuitive drag & drop design with a Webflow that operates seamlessly across every device, including mobile platforms.

Newsletters are no longer an effective way to generate a marketing database of real users. By Gamifying the experience and offering prizes, users are engaged throughout their entire customer journey. The power of gamified marketing is that it combines the UX and conversion funnel simultaneously, unlike traditional digital marketing campaigns.

MikeHit’s technology works across the most popular eCommerce platforms, including Shopware, Woocommerce, Shopify, Ecwid, Weebly, Wix, and more. The seamless implementation of gamified marketing increases conversion by offering incentives for first-time visitors experiencing a positive consumer experience provided by the thrill of the game and winning a prize. By maintaining a robust consumer email database, you can generate marketing campaigns to target past buyers and create repeat buyers to take your online business to new heights. We make it easy for companies of any scale to increase engagement, build networks of past client information, and convert first-time visitors with fun incentives.

According to Forbes, when a potential customer first interacts with a website, the conversion rate with traditional digital marketing is 75% less effective than gamified marketing.

Today’s consumers are savvy and have countless options across platforms, devices, and large online retailers like Amazon®, so setting yourself apart and creating a positive, engaging experience for your customers is paramount in establishing an effective foundation for your digital marketing strategies.

By partnering with MikeHit, you can analyze your marketing strategies, implement effective solutions to increase traffic, convert more leads, and build a robust database of consumer contacts. Unlike traditional pop-ups, gamified ads create positive experiences with users and generate organic engagement while increasing sales with incentives for playing.



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Unlimited campains
1 Campaign game
5,000 pageviews*
2,500 Marketing's Emails
Customizable Popup
1 Domain
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49.99 /mo
Unlimited campains
3 Campaign games
12,000 pageviews*
6,000 Marketing's Emails
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2 Domain
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69.99 /mo
Unlimited campains
6 Campaign games
22,000 pageviews*
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