Make shopware Popups That Help Your Business Grow

E-commerce can be a difficult business. You spend a lot of money to add more features to your Shopware store — driving traffic, engaging visitors on social networks, installing plugins, and so on — but you only convert about 3% of your visitors. Not only do the majority of your visitors not buy from you, but 70% will never return to your website. Sometimes it feels like you're just throwing money away.

MikeHit assists you in maximizing your existing traffic and converting more visitors into buyers or subscribers.

In less than ten clicks, you can create beautiful popups that match the identity of your website. They can be published in seconds and segmented by device, page, purchase history, cart value, item stock, and so on. With our goal-tracking feature, you can track their impact on your revenue and A/B test your campaigns for better results.

You've come to the right place if you're looking for the best shopware popup extension. Let's take a look at how MikeHit can help you increase your sales.

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Discover endless possibilities​
Make your standard subscription popups fun and irresistible for visitors.

How to Make The Very First
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